Coffee & Banana Smoothie Recipe

Calorie Value: 300 Cal
Ice (Half Cap))
Brewed Coffee (3/4 Cup))
Bananas (1 piece, must be frozen.)
Organic yogurt (1/3 cup, make sure it is natural.)
Cacao (1 Tsp)
Vanilla Extract (1 Tsp)
Preparation and benefits:
Whisk all ingredients to the proper consistency and prepare to meet with a dynamic effect! The most important benefit of this mixture is the presence of caffeine, which increases blood circulation in the human brain, making the person feel more vigorous and intensifying attention! Besides coffee, which is known as a protective measure against diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the benefits of yoghurt are in fact endless. Especially home-made yoghurts are rich in vitamins and minarets and the most consumed food in the world is not too exaggerated. Omega-4 fatty acids are found in the body, especially in the bone and skeletal structure is very beneficial because this mixture makes it even more attractive.

Green Smoothie Recipe

Calorie Value: 120 Cal
Ice (1/2 measure)
Coconut Water (3/4 Cup)
Grass Water (1/4 Cup)
Avocado (Half))
Spinach (1 Cup))
Cucumber (1/4 Piece)
Paprika (1/4 teaspoon)
Preparation and benefits:
Prepare your enormous mixture by passing all the ingredients through the food processor. The first of the benefits of this green recipe is that it makes it easier to lose weight thanks to spinach. Besides spinach, which protects eye and bone health, the presence of avocado, which contains Omega 3 oil, which especially facilitates vegetable digestion, also makes this mixture more attractive. Grass Water, which is very rich in vitamins and enzymes, cleans your blood and regulates your blood circulation, making it easier for you to lose weight.

Coconut & Berry Smoothie Recipe

Calorie Value: 350 Cal
Blueberries (1/4 cup, must be frozen)
Mulberry (1/4 cup, must be frozen)
Coconut Water (1 Cup ))
Coconut (1/3 cup, grated and sweetener should not be used)
Preparation and benefits:
Whisk all ingredients together with the help of a food processor. The strongest ingredient in this mixture is, of course, coconut. This food food is rich in carbohydrates with its effective and unsaturated fats and is a fiber store that is preferred in many areas from its nutritious properties to its melting of belly fat to its skin health. In this mixture, which brings together two fruits that are often used in alternative medicine, the most remarkable benefit of Berry is that it balances blood level. We can also explain the reason why we enrich this mixture with blueberries with a natural antidepressant effect.

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