Ingredients for Lemonade

4 or 5 large lemons
1 cup granulated sugar until
4 cups of cold drinking water

Preparation Of Lemonade

Then we slice the lemons thinly and place them in a deep bowl. We pour granulated sugar on top of the lemons and leave it for about 1 hour. This way, lemon and sugar will pass better together and be much tastier. So making lemonade can take a little patience.After waiting in enough powdered sugar, we rub the lemons with our hands and remove the water. At this stage, it’s not enough to just juice the lemons. Even the shells also need to rub painstakingly with sugar. (Some perform this scrubbing process by grating the shells of lemons and then rubbing the shells with sugar. It also can be a nice method. But that method is a little more laborious and a little tiring, I must say. But the aroma of lemon is very intense in that method of lemonade.)

We add cold water on top. After adding the cold water, we rub the lemons a little more with our hands. If you wish, you can also deposit One Orange in the sugar with lemons in the previous stage. This will give the Lemonade a very good taste. But the choice is entirely up to you.After the lemons have been completely crushed and the extract has completely passed into the water, we remove the lemons from the container. We drain the Lemonade in the bowl with the help of a strainer and pour it into a large jug.

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