Semi-Vegetarian Diet

This diet was also quite popular in 2019 and will continue to increase interest in the new year as well. It is not entirely vegan, as animal foods are also included, but these foods are available in very limited quantities. Since it consists mostly of vegetables, fruits and plants, the fibers, vitamins and minerals taken from them help you lose weight easily.

Vegan Diet

It is a diet where absolutely no animal food is included. We should say that this diet should not become a continuum because the body also needs protein sources such as milk, eggs, meat. It is important that we talk about the importance of green leafy Yesil and vegetable proteins in vegan nutrition.

Dash Diet

It is a recommended form of diet, especially for those with high blood pressure. The amount of salt must be minimized. Lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol is also possible with this diet. Lean dairy products are preferred, vegetables and fruits are eaten in abundance. In this way, you maintain your heart health while losing weight.

Pegan Diet

In this diet, plenty of vegetables and fruits are in the foreground to be consumed. A limited consumption of dairy products, meat, legumes, cereals should be considered. In the consumption of fats, the quality ones should be included. Natural ingredients should be directed to the regular intake of useful oils found in avocados should be taken care.

Volumetric Diet

If you don’t go hungry on this diet, on the contrary, you eat until you’re full. In other diets, it is easier to continue, even though the application is frequent after a while. It’s not aimed at the calorie value of food, but at the low volume ones. This way, when you eat a lot of saturated and do not gain weight.