Ingredients For Spicy Popcorn Recipe

3/4 cup corn
4 tbsp sunflower oil
2 tbsp vegetable condiment
1 sweet spoonful
1 teaspoon

Cooking Suggestion Of Spicy Popcorn Recipe

You can fold your popcorn with any other spices you like.

How To Make A Spicy Popcorn Recipe?

1-if you have a corn blasting machine, pop your corn in this machine. (If you don’t have a corn-blasting machine, transfer 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil to a thin-based saucepan. Add the corn and cover the pot and pop your corn.)
2-Add the oil to a deep saucepan with a thin base.
3-add the powdered vegetable condiment and all other spices over the oil.
4 – take the pot with oil and spices on the stove and heat it for 2-3 minutes over low heat.
5-add the popcorn immediately into the pot with warm spices and oil.
6-close the lid of the pan and shake the pan nicely until all the corn is blended with the spices. Then take to the serving bowl. That’s about it! Enjoy your meal.