San Sebastian Cheesecake Recipe

400g labne cheese
200g cream cheese
2 packs of cream (400g) )
4 medium eggs (must be at room temperature)
1 cup sugar (250mL)
1 full tablespoon flour
1 packet vanilla

Preparation Of San Sebastian Cheesecake

Before we begin, let’s say that all the ingredients you use must be at room temperature. First whisk the sugar, cream and labne cheeses in a deep bowl, until the sugar has completely melted. Continue whisking by adding the eggs one by one. Add the first egg and whisk for a few minutes. Then add the second egg and whisk again for a few more minutes.Then add the third egg and whisk and add the last egg and then continue to whisk with the vanilla, adding 1 spoonful of flour, little by little. Add the latest cream and whisk for a few more minutes. After placing greaseproof paper in your cuffed mold, pour the mixture into it and bake in pre-heated oven at 200 degrees until slightly brown (40-50 min). Slowly remove the cooked cheesecakei from the oven. It will have a consistency that is surging and a little wobbly. Lift the cheesecakei out of the oven into the cupboard after heating and serve after resting for a few hours.

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