1- Fructose

Many packaged products we buy from grocery stores contain fructose and refined sugar. The World Health Organization recommends a maximum of 50 grams of sugar be consumed during the day. So any packaged food you buy can cause you to exceed this limit. A can of coke, a few spoonfuls of jam or various snacks can cause indigestion, hence bloating, if consumed too much.


A lot of people say to fast-food food, “what you call a Hamburger consists of meatballs and bread, what could be the worst?”he approaches with thought. Research shows the opposite! Fast-food foods contain high amounts of fat, even if they are made up of meatballs and bread or sausages and bread. In addition, we know that our digestive system is regulated when we consume vegetables. Fast-food foods that contain almost no vegetables other than french fries can cause digestive problems and therefore bloating.

3-Foods containing Trans fats

Cookies, biscuits, chocolates, chips and fries… all this trans fat-containing food is causing your body to swell and lubricate. These foods, which cause fat especially in the abdomen, are just one of the biggest obstacles to having a flat stomach.

4-Foods containing refined carbohydrates

Pasta, rice and white bread … we all know the effects of these foods on our bodies. Refined carbohydrates cause your body to become fat, and therefore your stomach to swell like a balloon. If you don’t want to experience bloating you can opt for whole grain breads and pastas. In addition, eating bulgur rice instead of rice rice will help reduce the swelling again.

5-Foods containing refined sugar

Cornflakes, chocolate, snacks and even granola bars… all of these foods we count contain high amounts of refined sugar. High sugar consumption can cause fat in internal organs. Naturally, having a flat stomach is just a dream. As an alternative to foods containing refined sugar, you can consume oats, nuts, vegetables or fruits, and minimize the swelling caused by sugar.

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