1-Gingerbread water

It is prepared by grating 1 finger of fresh ginger into 1 litre of water. Green tea, lime or Marshmallow flowers are added to the boiled water and can be yesilenip and consumed as herbal tea. It can prevent or alleviate common cold symptoms such as coughing by strengthening the immune system.

2-Cucumber water

1 liter of water 1 cucumber is prepared in the form of long thin strips chopped. It reduces toxins in the body and helps detoxification. The combination of lemon or ginger supplements increases the interaction.

3-Honey water

1 cup lightly warm water 1 teaspoon honey is prepared by adding. Especially during these periods, it is useful to add to all herbal teas to strengthen immunity. Honey is a natural antioxidant that fights bacteria and viruses in the body.

4-Grapefruit water

Drink 1 litre of water by slicing ½ grapefruit. Add cinnamon stick to it and it can be brewed like tea. Grapefruit, which is rich in vitamin C, is excellent at fighting influenza infections.

5-Cinnamon water

1 cup of water 1 piece of cinnamon stick can be thrown or green, white, mate, rooibos, fennel tea such as cinnamon stick can be brewed by yesilir. Boost immunity, help with inflammation, balance your blood sugar, and suppress your cravings for dessert.

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