Breakfast Crepe Recipe

2 eggs
A little flour from 2 cups of water
2 cups milk (if you wish, half the milk and water mixed can be used)
1 tsp salt
butter or liquid oil to cook

Breakfast Crepe Recipe
To prepare the crepe recipe, whisk well with the flour, milk and water until there are no lumps left.
Add the eggs, whisk a little more. Make the dough to a more streamlined consistency than the cake dough.
Put 1 teaspoon of butter or oil in a Teflon pan and spread with a brush.
Pour 1 scoop of pancake dough into the angry pan, spreading it tilting to right and left.
Cook over a medium heat until slightly browned, turning both sides. Continue this process until all your mortar is finished. Our pancake recipe is ready, so enjoy your meal.

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