Dry tomato and olive bread recipe

500 g wheat flour
350g warm water
40 g wet yeast or 15 g powdered yeast
10g salt
50g dry tomatoes
50g olives
15g dry thyme or fresh thyme

Its making:
In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt, yeast and water in the middle and knead.
You will have a dough that sticks slightly to the hand.
Cover with a stretch and let sit in a warm room for 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes, take your dough on the counter and knead it by folding.
Then take it back into the container and cover it for another 15 minutes. At the end of the time, take the counter and repeat the same process and close it and wait for another 15 minutes.
You can then split the dough evenly if you like, or make a large bread.
Add dried tomatoes, thyme and olives and knead until mixed.
Shape your dough in a floured clean kitchen cloth or deep narrow borcam Bowl, flour the dough and make the final leavening process.
In this process, put the tray in your oven empty and run at 220 degrees.
After 15 minutes of fermentation, remove the tray from the oven and take it to the tray without disturbing The Shape of the dough and cut it with a sharp knife to remove the air in it.
Immediately after taking into the oven 220 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce to 200 degrees and cook for about 10 more minutes without ever opening the oven lid.
You can tell when your bread is cooked by the blushing tone and the sound that comes out when you hit it. If Uncooked, Cook in a controlled manner for another 10 minutes.
After cooking, you can either warm or cool and serve.

Note: you can make your bread with any kind of flour you want. For example, 200 gr bran flour, 100 gr rye flour, 200 gr wheat flour mixed with or two kinds of flour you can knead.
You can also put various grains , sunflower seeds in your bread .
By giving your dough a fold while kneading your dough, the gluten of your dough emerges as you knead and the pores multiply as you cook.
You can also make your bread with one type of flour if you wish.
If you do the fermentation process in warm and warm environment, you will speed up the time .
The cooking time may vary depending on the condition of your oven. Cook controlled.

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