How is almond milk made?

2 cups raw almonds
6 cups water
Its making:
First wash the almonds and put enough hot water over them and let sit for about 12-15 hours. (This process can be done in the evening and set up until the morning.)
Strain the almonds for 12-15 hours and put hot water on them again and leave them for another 20 minutes, then peel them off.
Peel the almonds into the robot and put 6 cups of approximately 1200 g water on it until the almonds are ground.
The robot will take consistency and become smooth, but you can do this with blender If you can not get a good result.
After the Robot process is finished, strain with the help of cheesecloth and separate it from its pulp.
After straining, you can put it in a jar or glass bottle and keep it in the cupboard.
If the consistency is dark when making almond milk, you can adjust the consistency by adding extra water.
If your almonds are not peeled, you can repeat the process of hot water .
When taking robotto to sweeten your almond milk, you can add honey, seeds removed and softened dates, cinnamon, vanilla (stick) cocoa, molasses, carob powder.
After your milk is ready, keep it in the cupboard.

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