How to make Banana bread?

Ingredients ( for Baton cake mould)
320g bananas (about 3 bananas )
130 g raisins (15 dates may also be)
60g coconut oil
3 medium eggs
160g almond flour
80g oatmeal
40g coconut
5G carbonate

Its making
We’re setting our oven to 170 degrees.
We soak the raisins in warm water so they can be tangled.
Then let’s start melting the coconut oil in a small cooking pot.
Put the bananas in a bowl and crush them with a whisk or fork. (You can also use Stand mixer, or you can do it with whisk)
Add the eggs and mix in the bananas, then add all the ingredients except raisins and nutmeg and mix .
Let’s cut and add the raisins that we soften in water to the mixture that takes the consistency of the dough .
Then add the last melted coconut oil and mix.
Let’s put greaseproof paper in our baton mould and put it in the mixture .
As it is not as fluid as a regular cake mortar, let’s straighten it with the help of a spatula .
We bake for 30/40 minutes in the preheated oven.
After it’s cooked, we can rest it and serve it .
To make almond flour, soak raw almonds in warm water, peel them and then dry them in the oven or outdoors and turn them into flour in a Rondo or coffee grinder.
You can use any fruit as a dry fruit .
You can zest lemon or orange in it and enrich the aroma .

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