How To Make Kumpir?

1 large potato per person
Cheddar cheese
• And all kinds of options you want to add. (corn, garnish, American salad, pickles, vicious, sauerkraut, haydari, ketchup, mayonnaise, mushrooms etc.…)
Its making :
Thoroughly wash the shells of the potatoes. Stick a knife in a few places and take it out. We’re doing this to get the heat in better.
Wrap the potatoes first on greaseproof paper and then on foil and cook them in a fanless oven at 200 °C for 90 minutes.
Take the cooked potatoes hot, cut them in the middle with a knife and add the butter and cheddar and mix them in the middle with the help of a knife. With that heat, butter and cheddar cheese will melt nicely.
Continue to add salt and other ingredients you want to put on the food without cooling.
Enjoy your meal.

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