How to make chocolate fondue?

Ingredients for Chocolate Fondue recipe
*100g 70% Cocoa Chocolate
*100g Milk Chocolate
*160ml cream
*Various fruits
*wafer and cake slices

How to make chocolate fondue
1-Cut the chocolates into small pieces and take the cream into the pan and heat over a low heat.
2-Add the chocolate pieces and stir until they melt.
3-Take the cream chocolate in a fondue bowl and serve with various seasonal fruits, wafers and slices of cake. Enjoy your meal in advance.

What Are The Tricks Of The Chocolate Fondue Recipe?

Place the cream in a larger bowl and fill the bowl with hot water. This will help keep the consistency quicker.
If the consistency of the fondue solidifies, add a spoonful of cream into it and stir quickly.
Do not wait for a long time fondue, wait until the consistency is darkened.
If you used dark chocolate in making fondue, you can turn it into consistency with cream and milk.

How Many Calories Is 1 Serving Chocolate Fondue?
One serving of chocolate fondue is about 230 calories. Diabetes patients and those in weight control are advised to consume in small portions. If you wish, you can also try the chocolate sauce served with cakes and cookies

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