Tiramisu Recipe

For the cream.
4 cups milk
3 / 4 cups sugar
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp starch
3 tbsp labne
For the cake:

1 pack of ready-to-eat sponge cake
1 cup milk
1 tbsp granulated coffee
1 tsp sugar
To the top

Tiramisu Recipe

We take all of the ingredients for the cream except labne into the pot and cook until it boils eye to eye. We mix it in so it doesn’t Harden until it’s cold. After it has cooled, we add the labne and stir again. For cake, we add coffee and sugar into our milk and then add it to our tray with the help of a spoonful of plenty of pandispanyaya. We put the cream on the first floor and sprinkle it with cocoa. We’re doing the same thing on the second floor.

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