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No Need To Roast: Baked Potato Chips Recipe

We are hosting your kitchen with a crispy crispy crispy recipe that you will prepare with the ingredients in your home. With baked potato chips recipe, you can prepare delicious snacks for the match pleasures or series of times. The potato chips that we will prepare using very little oil will be healthier than the chips that you buy from outside.



We’ve put ourselves in a 14-day quarantine, as the whole household is idle, so I guess we can’t afford to eat, especially dessert. I have no intention of taking my weight. That’s why I make short-calorie cookies and bars for myself and everyone at home. I’ll leave you a description of both of them below.


Spicy Popcorn Recipe

It’s also easy to double your popcorn taste by blending those sweet popcorn with your favorite spices and condiments. If you’ve never prepared spicy popcorn at home before, or if they’re burned because you added the spices in the first place, this recipe will help you a lot.